JDLG Kids Club to focus on enhancing children’s lives

By Kathy Rumleski, AdvocateDaily.com Contributor

Inspired by her young son, and with a desire to help the clients who made it possible for her to recently open her own boutique law firm, Fredericton family lawyer and mediator Jennifer Donovan is launching the JDLG Kids Club.

“Becoming a mother and being able to provide for my child’s needs opened my eyes to my clients’ children and the potential needs they might have,” Donovan tells AdvocateDaily.com.

She says during her time as a family lawyer, she’s been helping parents navigate divorce and knows it can be stressful.

“I always believe the focus must be on the children when making decisions about the future,” says Donovan, owner of J. Donovan Law Group.

However, sometimes parents going through a divorce cannot afford items their children need, she says.

“I have heard parents say they can’t pay for their child’s braces or tutoring, or they aren’t able to send their son or daughter to summer camp because it’s too expensive,” Donovan says. “The reality of divorce is that it is costly and a major family adjustment.”

Hearing these stories is why Donovan wants to start a program that is exclusive to her clients and will assist them at a time when finances are a struggle.

“I am going to donate some of my annual profit to the JDLG Kids Club, which will be a non-profit,” she says.

Donovan says her team will also hold events and fundraise in order to have the necessary finances to help others.

“While it’s in its infancy stages right now, I believe JDLG Kids Club will one day reach the point where my staff cannot administrate it. I envision eventually having a board of directors and an executive director,” she says.

“I’m not going to rush it. I am treating this just as I would a client’s file. It’s important to make sure everything is in place and correct before we launch.”

She has already created a logo, and plans to develop a mission statement and bylaws, she says.

Donovan says an application process will eventually be available so that parents can begin applying for grants.

“By 2020, I want it to be up and running, and we can start accepting applications,” she says.

The JDLG Kids Club will focus on enhancing children’s lives, says Donovan.

“I just want to give something back and say thank you to my clients as well. I absolutely love what I do. I don’t consider it work but a passion and my clients have made this possible,” she says.

Donovan says she understands what it’s like being a parent and the choices that have to be made.

“We want our children to have what they need. I’m giving back to those families that have invested in me. I consider it part of my social responsibility,” she says.