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Women in Law Awards 2024

Litigation, Mediation & Collaborative Divorce in Canada – Jennifer L. Donovan July, 2024

Welcome to a special front cover feature for the Lawyer Monthly Women In Law Awards, where we spotlight Jennifer L. Donovan, founder of J. Donovan Law Group. In this exclusive interview, Jennifer shares her insights on creating a non- traditional law firm that champions inclusivity, accessibility, and a supportive work environment, especially for women and mothers in the legal field.

CIO Women Magazine | Empowering Stories of Female Trailblazers in Law - 2024

From Courtroom to Boardroom | Breaking the Barriers of Legal Landscape June, 2024
J Donovan - CIO Women

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April 25, 2023
Awarded Best in Fredriction by the CBRB

There’s good reason why J. Donovan Law Group is listed among the best businesses of 2023 by the CBRB Canadian Business Review Board. Not only is it listed as one of the top firms, but it has also been awarded the prestigious Best in Fredericton award by the CBRB, two years in a row.  This boutique law firm owned by Jennifer L. Donovan has a team of 22 professionals, including 6 lawyers, whose primary focus is criminal defense and family law litigation. Outside of those two areas, J. Donovan Law Group also has a very large real estate and wills and estates practice. J. Donovan Law Group is one of only a few law firms that offers bilingual legal services.

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Canadian Buisness Review Board Inc.

Best Criminal defense lawyers in Fredericton

Awarded as Top 10 Fredriction Criminal Lawyer 2023

J. Donovan Law Group
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J Donovan Win a Honeymoon

J. Donovan Law Group Boutique Law Firm

J. Donovan Law Group is a boutique law firm that is owned and operated by Jennifer Donovan. We are a team of 22 professionals with a primary focus on family law and criminal defence.  Advancing a strong fight and negotiating good settlements for our clients is our reputation. Our representation is most sought in high conflict custody cases or in complicated and complex support and division of property matters. We have 23 years of litigation experience and represent people all over the Province of New Brunswick.  We know our way around a courtroom and our reputation speaks to that.  In 2019, we added mediation to our services. From the courtroom to the boardroom table, we are now enjoying the rewards of assisting people resolve their legal matters on their own terms.

What We do


Family Law

Adoptions and Surrogacies

Criminal Law

Wills and Estates

Property Law

Simplified Divorce

Business Incorporation

Real Estate Law


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