Spencer MacInnis

Associate Lawyer

Spencer MacInnis

Spencer is an associate lawyer whose practice is focused on criminal defense, while also being driven to help others in family law as well.

Originally from Stanley, New Brunswick, Spencer moved to Fredericton to attend university and has lived in New Brunswick her entire life. She holds a Bachelor of Science with honours in Environment and Natural Resources from the University of New Brunswick (2014).

Spencer then obtained her law degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2017 and was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar in 2018.

Spencer has always had an interest in and a passion for criminal law since a young age. She is committed to ensuring that everyone has fair representation, no matter their circumstances or charges. She is dedicated to ensuring clients’ interests are defended properly and vigorously and has demonstrated such dedication in all levels of Court in the province including Provincial Court, the Court of Queens Bench and Court of Appeal.

Because of her hard work ethic and tenacity, Spencer is committed to working admirably and diligently for her clients, in whichever facet of law she is needed.  She is an asset to and a true force for whomever she represents.


Call to bar


Hourly rate, plus tax and Disbs.

$10,000 +

Average Retainer*

*stated retainer amounts differ per file and depend on pleadings, court, nature of issues, needs of clients and many other factors. These amounts are stated as guidelines.