At J. Donovan Law Group, we do not offer free initial consultations. Our initial consultations typically last 1.5 hours. We have created an initial consultation process that is packed with enough valuable advice and information equal to 2 or 3 meetings in one.

All new clients are required to sign a Retainer Agreement that sets out the anticipated legal fees and other costs and the scope of work.

We charge hourly or on a flat fee basis depending on the nature of the work required and the needs of the client.

For ongoing matters, such as family and criminal law, clients are billed on a regular basis and can pay by credit card, debit, EFT, bank draft, cheque or cash (up to a certain limit).

Our personal injury matters, such as car accidents and slip and falls, are billed on a contingency fee basis.

Unlike many other law firms, J. Donovan Law Group has a team approach to working on files. Each team member has a different hourly rate depending on their role, education and experience. This process ensures that clients receive the financial benefit of work provided at the lowest cost for every task.

We see legal fees as an investment in one’s future and strive to ensure that our clients see and feel the investment.

We do not give firm quotes or “that’s all you’re going to spend” numbers. We give minimum estimates that can change on a dime or minimum ranges for work that is not billed on a flat-fee basis.  How much you need to spend depends on many factors both in and out of our control. We do keep you informed of your costs on a monthly basis and will have frequent discussions about your bills throughout our representation of you. Separation or divorce is expensive.