Dispute Resolution Without the Courtroom

Jennifer L. Donovan is an award winning lawyer who has been doing mediation for 2.5 years. Her signature style is down to earth and she focuses on ensuring all parties are comfortable and feel safe. She is invested in helping her clients reach satisfying settlements.

Let’s Get Started

We are a large team of professionals with more time to see parties quicker than other offices offering mediation. In most cases, we can do the intake session and start the mediation in the same week. We offer same day appointments and sessions during the evenings and weekends. We do not make parties wait weeks to get started. People in need of help should not have to wait to see a lawyer or put finding a solution on hold. We have designed our practice so that we can offer a fast but effective service.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured and interactive process where an impartial third party helps disputing parties resolve their conflict through specialized communication and negotiation techniques. The third party is known as the mediator. The mediator, typically a lawyer, sits down with both parties and helps negotiate a solution. At J. Donovan Law Group, we can mediate any area of law and any problem. We do not pick sides nor do we represent either party. ” We create safe places for parties to speak freely, feel heard and empowered to solve their own problems with specialized help. An alternative to court, mediation is a more simplistic and cost-efficient way to attempt to settle a legal issue without going to court.

What Mediation is Not

Mediation is not an alternative to marriage counselling. It is not to be used to “force” or “pressure” one of the parties into settling. Mediation is not a good idea when there has been domestic violence or when one party is “scared” of the other.

The mediation process is not legally binding nor are “agreements” reached at mediation enforceable unless they are transformed into either Separation Agreements, Domestic Contracts, Minutes of Settlement, Memorandums of Understanding or an Agreement – all of which must be signed by each party with their own lawyer who has provided independent legal advice (ILA). Once mediation is over, you may still proceed to go to court if you choose. Mediation is used to avoid the time and expense of litigation, however, if mediation does not satisfy you, this option is still available.

Benefits of Mediation

There are many benefits to choosing mediation over litigation. First and foremost, mediation does not cost as much and is typically a faster process. Mediation is also a more active process meaning the parties are in complete control of the outcome. They design it; it is not forced upon them as it is during litigation.

Secondly, the cost comparison. Going to court can certainly become financially overwhelming. With all the paperwork and paying your lawyer for their time spent in court, you may see a significant decrease in your available funds. With mediation, the costs lower significantly. With mediation, the parties typically share the costs equally.

Overall, there are many benefits to mediation over litigation. It is more accessible, less costly and damaging than litigation and more personalized. Every mediation is different and tailored to the parties’ needs/wants. We customize all of our mediation files to fit the needs of the parties involved.

Mediation – Financial Investment – 2021


It’s time to begin:        Option 1FREE 30 min group call – both parties must be present

on the call – purpose is to break the ice, discuss procedure to be expected, introductions, answer initial questions and give next steps; OR

Option 2 – a one hour intake meeting for $350 plus tax – if two parties, each can do 30 mins in person and divide the costs or both to meet at the same time for the $350 plus tax; Evenings and weekends – $475 plus tax OR

Option 3 – One hour off site intake meeting would cost $525 plus tax; Evenings and weekends – $675 plus tax.

  • neither the $350 or $525, or evenings and weekends rates, are refundable if actual mediation is not pursued after any of the intake options above;
  • Financial Investment into finding a SOLUTION (buying bulk saves money):

Package 1 – 4 one hour sessions – flat fee $1500.00 plus tax; Evenings and weekends – add $600 plus tax; OR

Package 2 – 6 one hour sessions – flat fee $2300 plus tax; Evenings and weekends – add $600 plus tax; OR

Package 3 – 8 one hour sessions – flat fee $2800 plus tax; Evenings and weekends – add $600 plus tax.

  • If no package is purchased, then $400 plus tax per hour for each hour during business hours, or $550 plus tax per hour during evenings and weekends, must be paid for at time of booking each one hour session.
  • If sessions are used up and still no settlement but the parties wish to continue to try – then $400 plus tax per hour or another package of 4 sessions.


  • If the parties settle before all pre-purchased sessions are used up –

Option 1 – Get a refund of MAX $400; OR

Option 2 – Use the money prepaid for the sessions that were not used towards the retainer for having the Mediation Agreement prepared.



  • Drafting of Mediation Agreement is a separate investment and price of same is not included in retainer for sessions packages.
  • Packages for drafting Mediation Agreement:

Package 1 “Got It Almost Right”- allowed one round of changes flat fee of $800 plus disbursements of $180 plus tax;

Package 2 – “Almost Got It Right” – allowed two rounds of changes flat fee of $1,200 plus $350 disbursements plus tax;

Package 3 – “Perfectionist” – unlimited round of changes – flat fee of $2500 plus tax – no disbursements;

Package 4 – no flat fee – just pay hourly $400 plus tax plus disbursements; all drafting, including all changes, will be billed at hourly rate.

  • Disbursements – copies 75 cents per page plus tax for every page every copy; SNB searches on land or mobile homes – $25 plus tax; Corporate Affairs – $7.50 per tax per business; Divorcemate is $75 plus tax; delivery charges within city – $25 plus tax; faxes – $1.25 plus tax per page for every page