Real Estate Law

We have been doing real estate law for almost 2 decades. Real estate law includes people selling property and people buying property and includes residential and commercial properties.

We are typically, first and foremost, thought of for our separation and divorce services. Often times in a separation or divorce, a marital home or family home must be sold, or the title transferred to the other spouse, or a cottage sold or transferred to the other spouse, and businesses dealt with in the process. That involves real estate law.

Starting March 1, 2023, we will be giving our property clients, those who buy or sell, a $50 gift certificate to a place of their choice. We realize the competition with other real estate lawyers, and we always strive to be absolutely awesome in all that we do and stand out amongst our colleagues, so we hope that $50 to a place of the client’s choice helps us to do that.

It is important to us that we show gratitude for the business that people give us. THANK YOU.

First Time Home Buyers Info Night