All-Star Team

JDLG All-Star Team

J. Donovan Law Group was launched on January 2, 2019.  Our first day of business open to the public was on January 3, 2019.  

Detailed business description: J. Donovan Law Group is a boutique law firm that is owned and operated by Jennifer Donovan.  We are comprised of a team of eight professionals who primarily focus on providing legal services in family law and criminal defence. We also assist clients in real estate or property law, do Wills and Powers of Attorney and handle personal injury or civil litigation needs including car accidents, breach of contract and defending people who have been sued. Advancing a strong fight, being aggressive and knowledgeable, and negotiating good settlements for our clients is our reputation.  Our representation is most sought in high conflict custody cases or in complicated and complex support and division of property matters.  We have 15 years of litigation experience throughout the entire Province of NB with clients in Edmundston, Woodstock, Miramichi, and each of the major cities.  Our lawyers have appeared in every level of court in the province and have an impeccable track record at the Court of Appeal.  In 2019, we added mediation to our services after many years of having to decline business from deserving individuals who either did not need to go to court or refused to resolve their legal matters with the help of a Judge.  We offer #theboutiquedifference to every client which consists of fast service, frequent and regular contact, service after hours, on weekends and during holidays, customized Retainer Agreements and welcome packages and same day appointments.


Senior Paralegal &
Manager of Real Estate Division


Office Manager and Receptionist


Manager of Billing Department


Senior Assistant




Articling Student Bilingual


Receptionist & Office Manager, Miramichi