Battle of the Vaxx

Battle of the Vaxx: When Mom and Dad Don’t Agree

Just in case parents didn’t already have to deal with enough things when going through a separation or divorce, enter COVID-19 vaccinations and people being on either side of — to get the vaxx — or not. This is quickly becoming a top contested issue between separated and divorced parents. Who gets to decide? Will...
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Family Law Fredericton

Are We “Common-Law”?

I often write about things that could arise or are important after two people break up but this blog will focus on whether or not a relationship is “common-law” or what you should know if you’re not married and your relationship ends. True or False – a couple who is living together and have hit...
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Vigilante Justice

Vigilante Justice: Dealing with Bullies

Recently in Fredericton Provincial Court, a 31-year-old mother was sentenced to house arrest for six-months for assaulting another person with a baseball bat. The mother claimed she was standing up for her young son who was being bullied by the person she hit. At sentencing, the Judge denounced that behavior, noting that it is not...
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Introducing New Partners

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, this is the love issue. Separated or divorced parents fall in love again and find themselves in new relationships. What would the Court think? Any do’s or don’ts? This is a frequent topic of interest during a family law file. Of course, humans heal from break ups and most...
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Ditch His Last Name!

Merry Christmas ladies! I may have a special gift for you… How many of you are holding onto his last name believing that you have to be divorced in order to take your name back? I am here to tell you that you don’t need to wait to take your last name back! You can...
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The ‘Fight’ For Final Say

Too often we hear a client being adamant they want “final say”. Main reason being they can’t get along with the other parent or the parents “just can’t agree on anything”. The fight for “final say” has become so common, it’s almost part and parcel with the fight to be crowned the primary caregiver. How...
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Back to School Costs! Who Pays?

September can be a month of anxiety and stress for families as it presents back to school for children.  This September, post Covid-19, is arguably the most anxiety provoking and stressful in a significant number of years. All the new “school costs” and equipment requirements and other necessities have likely left many families worried about...
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Lawyers for Kids?

Can a child whose parents are going through a Court proceeding in Family Division, either separation or divorce, have a lawyer? If so, who pays for the child to have a lawyer? Is the lawyer for the child separate from the lawyers for his or her parents? All too often no one speaks about the...
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