Ditch His Last Name!

Merry Christmas ladies! I may have a special gift for you… How many of you are holding onto his last name believing that you have to be divorced in order to take your name back?

I am here to tell you that you don’t need to wait to take your last name back! You can ditch his last name now!

All you have to do is attend at Vital Statistics and show your birth certificate and perhaps other documentation (check online first) and pay a fee. You can have your name back today!

While this may seem like a simple topic, in my experience, many women are disillusioned that they aren’t permitted to change their last name until they’re divorced. It always warms my heart to see their reaction when I correct the dissolution and let them know that they CAN TAKE THEIR NAME back at any time. This is 2020!

While it may be easy for you to ditch his last name, it isn’t so easy for you to change your children’s last name. You do need the father’s consent and there is a different process. Many of the “Change of Name” applications that I have handled for clients were difficult. Fathers have a right to be involved in that process and if the child was given the father’s surname at birth, it is not easy to change that just because you are now separated or divorced. Be mindful when you are naming your children at birth!

Another word of advice would be to check life insurance policies, Wills, Powers of Attorney and all other important documentation that contains your husband’s surname. Many of them may need not be changed just because you have ditched his last name. Some of them would recommend that you do so. I often get asked if you have to change a Will if you change your last name. The short answer is no! But should you, probably!

Your identity is important! Whatever puts a pep in your step and makes you shine bright like a diamond. And if that is ditching his last name, then do it… and do it now!

Enjoy this little gift of info!

All for now,

Jennifer Donovan